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Sound Engineer

Silvia has always been surrounded by art and creativity.
Thanks to her passion for dance, she could live the stage and experience the performing arts since early childhood.

Her love for music led her to attend live shows from a young age, and her passion for live music continued into adulthood.

After concluding her studies in foreign languages and literature, Silvia decided to focus on her life-long dream of working with music.

She completed her studies in sound engineering in 2016, after which she began to hone her skills specializing in metal, working with everything from the local underground scene to European tours.

In 2020, Silvia rediscovered her passion for drawing, dedicating it to the creation of illustrations for Cult of Chaos Designs, further proof that art has a fundamental role in her life.

Silvia is Cult of Chaos’ artistic witch and go-to woman for all things technical.


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